Gifts for Artists – 10 Things To Buy Artists This Christmas

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Gifts For Artists No.1 A Sketching Wallet

Gifts For Artists No.2 A Fine Art Class

Gift for Artists No.3 An Artwork for Under $100

Gifts For Artists No.4 A Portable Easel

Gifts for Artists No.5 Canvases

Gifts for Artists No.6 A Sensu Artist Brush

Gifts for Artists No.7 Art-themed Homeware

Gifts for Artists No.8 A Fine Art Photography Print

Here are some ideas to get you started here:

Gifts for Artists No.9

Gifts for Artists No.10 An Art-themed Phone Case

Gifts for Artists No.1 A Sketching Wallet

This is a great one to start with as it suits artists of all levels and interests. It allows you to sketch on the go, and never to miss out when the Muse visits. It’s perfect for artists who like to draw outdoors, and it can also be great for sketching out the beginning drafts that could later become a painting.

This lovely set includes an A5 landscape sketch pad, with a hardback cover and a wirebound spine, a lovely selection of Derwent drawing pencils (5x Graphic, 1x Charcoal, 2x Watersoluble Sketching, 1x Onyx and 3x Tinted Charcoal), an eraser, a blender and a metal sharpener.
Have a closer look here:

Gifts for Artists No.2 A Fine Art Class

This is something you could find locally with a few simple inquiries. You might need to find out which areas your artist might like to improve on, such as portraiture or landscape painting/drawing to make the best of the best of this.

It’s probably something an artist always aims to get round to doing, but never gets round it unless someone just happens to buy them a class for a gift.

Gifts for Artists No.3 An Artwork for Under $100

Many people think that original art is likely to be very expensive and so wouldn’t consider buying an artwork an option. However there are many places you can get really great and affordable original art.

Lesser known artists will naturally be less expensive, although not necessarily lower quality. Etsy is worth a look here also.

You may wish to have a look here for some ideas, or have a look at Amazon Handmade.

Gifts for Artists No.4 A Portable Easel

An easel may seem an obvious gift for an artist, but they can be expensive. That’s why a portable one is a perfect gift for an artist – especially one who likes to paint outdoors (or en plein air). This is comfortable wooden one that is easy to carry and store.

Check it out here:

Gifts For Artists No.5 Canvases

Again this may seem obvious, but artists will always need canvases. Also they don’t have to be as expensive as you might think either. We would recommend these Arteza canvases and you can get 6 stretched ones in a pack for a very affordable price.

Gifts for Artists No.6 A Sensu Artist Brush

This is especially suitable for digital artists, and those interested in starting digital art. It’s a stylus that is compatible with a tablet or smartphone. It certainly saves on ink and will really help you ‘brush,’ up on your skills. Painting on a screen freels very different to other surfaces, but it can really pay off in other ways.

Have a look here:

Gifts For Artists No.7 Art-themed Homeware

If your artist is active on Instagram it could be a really personalised present to print off one of their paintings and have it printed onto a mug, plate, vase etc for them. You also visit websites such as Society6 or Redbubble to find unique designs by artists that can be printed onto almost anything from cups to curtains.

Have a look at this lovely vase which has a Van Gogh painting printed on it, for another idea.

Gifts for Artists No.8 A Fine Art Photography Print

A giclee print (a high quality art print) is a lovely gift for anyone, especially an artist. It could be a picture of one of their favourite places that inspires them, nature, landscape, or even a family member who has passed on.

Here’s an idea to get you started:

Gifts for Artists No.9 A Collection of Their Favourite Artist’s Work

This is a great reference book to keep coming back to again and again, and will look lovely on your artist’s shelves. This Gauguin book is just an idea to get you started on your research.

Gifts for Artists No.10 An Art Themed Phone Case

Artists are always using their phones to take inspiring photos, or look up art for inspiration, so why not get them a lovely phone case that identifies them as an artist?

The Klimt one here is just one of the many different phone cases you could look at that are art-related.

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