Recent Art News – Whitney Claflin Exhibition and more

These are some of the best stories about Art that we have found from around the Internet – all in one place for your entertainment and information. Be warned they really do range from the sublime to the somewhat ridiculous. Creativity can be found in the most unexpected places. 

It’s always great to be in the know about the latest in demand works on Artsy. Here is a link to a fascinating article put together and based on what members on Artsy are most interested in – in terms of inquiries, page views, saves, and bids.

10 In-Demand Works on Artsy This Week: November 30, 2020

An artistic couple in Bristol are using their own house windows as an actual gallery. 

It’s certainly a very novel approach to selling art without the aid of Christmas Markets or galleries.

Louise Fishman releases a new body of work at Karma New York. The painter’s style, often described as ‘gestural abstraction,’ has been reimagined and is pushing the limits once more.

The Artistic Athleticism of Louise Fishman

After the recent story of the monolith that appeared in Utah and then disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived, another one has appeared in Romania near an ancient fortress. Here is the article on You were warned about the ridiculous elements of this link roundup. Is this a nod to Arthur C.Clarke? Would the real monolith creator please stand up?

This week’s featured gallery on Contemporary Art Daily is Whitney Claflin at the Bodega New York. The Exhibition Title is,  ‘ADD SHOT’

and it runs from October 30 – December 19, 2020. Read all about this fascinating exhibition here:

The last thing to include in this blog is a beautiful reminder of how art is as old and enduring as humanity itself, showing us what a vital place it has in human culture. Thousands of ancient rock paintings have been discovered in the Amazon. They are also very detailed indeed.

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