3 Emerging Female Artists to Watch in 2021

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1 Emerging Female Artist Martine Syms

2 Emerging Female Artist Lily Kemp

3 Emerging Female Artist Molly Brocklehurst

As 2020 draws to a close, this post considers some of the top female artists who have made a huge impact in the art world despite a global pandemic, and are worth watching in 2021.

1 Martine Syms

The Los Angeles based artist calls herself a ‘conceptual entrepreneur,’ and from examining her work this seems to be a way of describing herself as someone who wants to engage with a variety of mediums and platforms. She explores digital culture in an innovative and unique way through the use of videos, images and text to name but a few. She powerfully explores themes of identity and social injustice in her work and has successfully reached a mass audience.

Here is a link to her recent exhibition information on Contemporary Art Daily :


Emerging Female Artists – Martine Syms Exhibition



2 Emerging Female ArtistsLily Kemp

Despite only graduating last year Lily Kemp is already making waves in the Art World. Her work attempts to provide alternatives to the over sexualisation of the female form in the media and in the history of art. She seeks to give us a different lens to look at art through than the long established white heterosexual male one. She was awarded the Lim Ai Fang Art Prize and is definitely an artist to watch at the moment.

Emerging Female Artists – Lily Kemp

You can find out more at her website http://www.lilykemp.com.

3 Emerging Female ArtistsMolly Brocklehurst

The London-based 26 year old artist Molly Brocklehurst is a figurative painter who addresses themes of nostalgia and loss through works that attempt to interrogate the nature of time and history, and our various interpretations of reality.

Brocklehurst was selected for the Signature Art Prize and the Refresh Art Award last year, and she has had exhibitions across Scandinavia and the UK. She was also named as a Saatchi Rising Star last year.

Emerging Female Artists – Molly Brocklehurst

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