Art Prints Modern Ideas to Lift Home Decor

Looking for thoughtful, art prints modern enough to improve your home decor? Here are 5 carefully chosen art prints to start you heading in the right direction.

Art Prints Modern Ideas – Der Morgenthau Plan by Anselm Kiefer

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Art Prints Modern Ideas 1 Der Morgenthau Plan by Anselm Kiefer

Art Prints Modern Ideas 2 ‘Composition VIII’ by Wassily Kandinski

Art Prints Modern Ideas 3 ‘The Tree of Life’ by Gustav Klimt

Art Prints Modern Ideas 4 ‘Irises,’ by Vincent Van Gogh

Art Prints Modern Ideas 5 ‘Ski Jacket,’ Peter Doig

1 Art Prints Modern Ideas – ‘Der Morgenthau Plan’ by Anselm Kiefer

Kiefer needs no introduction as he is considered by many to be among the greatest living artists today. This powerfully beautiful painting was created in 2010 but based on US Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau’s idea to make Germany return to a country of agriculture so that she would not rearm again after the Second World War. Kiefer renders the outworking of this plan as blooming colourful flowers and pastoral beauty in a style reminiscent of Van Gogh. The painting is optimistic, bright and full of eye-catching colours. Perfect for artistically minded homeowners.

2 Art Prints Modern Ideas – ‘Composition VIII’ by Wassily Kandinski

Art Prints Modern Ideas – Composition VIII by Wassily Kandinski

The expressive shapes and colours of Kandinski’s work make for a real statement piece in any room. His attempts to render music and sound in his paintings are arresting and dramatic, brightening up any wall. This particular painting was composed in 1923 and explores the correlation between sound and colour and how a musician composing a song is comparable to a painter producing an artwork, themes for which he is now famous. For Kandinsky both colour and music possess transcendent qualities and the painting certainly has something of the ethereal about it.

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3 Art Prints Modern Ideas – The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt

Art Prints Modern Ideas – The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt

This famous painting is actually the only landscape that Klimt painted during his golden period – a time in his career when he used oil painting techniques and gold paint to produce luxurious artworks. “The Tree of Life,’ has a sense of mythology, mystery and the bold persistence of life. It symbolises growth and reaching up to the sky while being rooted to the earth. And the vibrant colours are still straight forward to match in with.

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4 Art Prints Modern Ideas – ‘Irises,’ by Vincent Van Gogh

Art Prints Modern Ideas – Irises by Van Gogh

Van Gogh painted this wonderful vibrant painting as part of his recovery in a mental hospital from irises in the hospital garden. Unlike some of his later work there is no sense of loss or tragedy here – it is bright, bold and resounding with life. Each of the irises is painted uniquely and meticulously and he himself called this painting ‘a lightning conductor for my illness,’ believing that he could stay sane by painting. When the painting was sold in 1987 it set a record for being the most expensive painting ever sold.

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5 Art Prints Modern Ideas – ‘Ski Jacket,’ Peter Doig

Art Prints Modern Ideas – Ski Jacket by Peter Doig

The lovely colours of this painting can’t fail to inspire and lift your mood. Doig has painted a number of snowscapes inspired by the colours in snow scenes painted by Claude Monet at the end of his life. If you look close enough at the painting you can see how awkward the skiers are because they are all beginners sliding around and trying to stay on their feet. Doig has compared this to painting at first you gradually try to get more and more control. It’s how we all learn to do anything and this painting reminds us to persevere through uncertainty to be better skiers or artists, or people.

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