Scandi Style – Top 5 Items for Hygge Happiness

We’ve all heard of the Danish word Hygge, haven’t we? It’s a word that is heard to translate into English but generally it means happiness, contentment and a sense of being serene and comfortable. Feeling you are right where you should be. We could all do with a little of that Scandi Style right now, especially during a global pandemic.

Scandi ideas have made a huge impact on us in the last few years from architecture to fashion and back again. Characterised by a minimalist and functional approach with few frills and fussiness, these ideas really give you space for what matters – serenity and purposefulness, and bringing out the artist in you.

Here are few ideas that might just get you headed in the right direction towards that impressive Scandi Style.

1 The Little Book Of Hygge – The Essence of Scandi Style

Let’s get straight to it. This is a really fantastic little book about happiness. With 5270 reviews on Amazon and just under 5 star rating it’s difficult to argue with. It’s an international, New York Times and Sunday Bestseller, having sold well over a million copies. Written by Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, it’s a small book with some profound insights. Properly digested it could bring much needed coziness to your soul in these uncertain times.

The Little Book of Hygge

You can buy it here:

2 An Icelandic Jumper – Scandi Style Clothing

Surely a hand knit Icelandic wool sweater with protective wool fibres is about as soul-hugging as clothing could be? They are traditionally knitted provided windproof warmth all year round. Icelandic jumpers are incredibly popular and suitable for indoor or outdoor comfort. A variety of designs are available and they come with or without zips. This beautiful Nordic design is a particular favourite for comfort and contentment anywhere.

Hygge, happiness and confidence to suit your way of living.

Make sure you take time to find your best fit and design – you’ll being wearing it for years to come!

Icewear Icelandic Jumper

You can purchase here:

3 A Scandinavian Rug – Interior Design Done Scandi Style

A beautiful and minimalist rug can set off your whole home, bringing a real sense of Hygge to any room or studio. There is a long history of different styles of Scandinavian rugs, some influenced by Oriental and Turkish ideas. 

A big part of Hygge style is being free from clutter and the emphasis of simple, clean lines so you can see why excess carpeting is replaced by the use of beautifully designed rugs. These days the best styles seem to be minimalistic geometric black and white or neutral grey designs which fit any room, often making the perfect centrepiece to build your room or studio around.

Nordic Design Rug by Vivense

You can purchase some excellent examples here:

4 Scandi Lighting – The Ultimate in Scandi Style

If you lived in a country that had so little light for much of the year you would value lighting very highly indeed. You only need to look at the sheer variety of Scandinavian lights to verify this. Scandi decor is still a dominant style for many of us and your choice of lighting is a huge part of the mood, atmosphere and potential inspiration of any room. One single source of light can be a little conventional for many of us, and most interior designers recommend a variety of different light sources on a dimmer rather than one overarching one. An industrial, minimalistic Scandi style is still the go to, and we would particularly recommend the use of pipes, natural fibres like hemp ropes with your lamps and especially steampunk chandeliers for that heartwarming Hygge experience. 

You could start your research here and work from there:

Nordic Pendant Lamp

5 Scandi Style Armchair

While Hygge is minimalistic in approach there is still room for a slightly pared back beauty. It wouldn’t be out of place for one expensive piece of furniture to take pride of place as the focal point of a room. Sometimes a whole months wages could be spent on an armchair, sideboard or a lovely writing desk. When the rest of the room is simplistically elegant it can make the statement piece really stand out.

Sloane and Sloane Armchair Amazon

This one is lovely in grey but available in various colours. It won’t cost a month’s wages either!

Best of luck finding your artistic, Hygge soul-warming Scandi style in 2021!

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