Must Have Items for Artful Home Decor 2021

You may have heard of the recent trend of ‘Japandi,’ a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese design which has been sweeping the Internet for some time now. Both of these styles are minimalistic in approach honouring decluttered spaces, and simple clean lines so as aid a Zen-like existence where everything is balanced. Nothing is excessive or showy, catering to basic necessity, allowing the essential beauty of things to shine in their simplicity.

Sounds like great idea, doesn’t it? But how do you get started? Here are some ideas to help you begin your journey towards Japandi style this year.

Natural Wood Furniture with Built in Storage

The Japandi style favours natural, organic materials to help people feel connected with nature and the world. Wicker and bamboo are great for this, and they really create a natural feel and a light and airy atmosphere in a room. One of the easiest ways to create that effect is by having a seat with built in storage. You can see a two seater wicker wooden storage bench here:

Wicker Storage Two Seater

Or you could have a look at this rattan cane and paulownia wood cabinet storage sideboard:

Rattan Cane and Wood Cabinet

Japandi Lighting

Although Japandi is a minimalistic style having a number of lights rather than just one is important to create the right atmosphere and mood. Bamboo lamps are perfect for this, although it’s probably best not to have more than three or four to give that sense of an uncluttered space.

For inspiration have a look at this Japanese Style Bamboo Pendant Light here:

Bamboo Pendant Wicker Light

Or this solid wood wall lamp is really lovely:

Minimalist Japanese Style Wall Lamp

For courtyards, patios and porches this Japanese-Style Frosted Glass Lantern is a great look:

Japanese Frosted Glass Lantern

Statement Armchairs and Sofas

A minimalist approach can still allow for a handful of statement pieces as long as you think along the lines of pared back essential quiet beauty and elegance. Japanese people often sit or kneel on the floor which might take some getting used to, so it might be best to go with more of a Scandinavian style here.

Have a look at these lovely two seaters in grey:

Grey Fabric Two Seater Sofa

Or these 2 or 3 seater sofas here:

Honeypot Aurora Sofa

Another option could be one or two of these appealing armchairs:

Dark Grey Fabric Armchair with Footstool

Oriental Style Wall Art

A great way to liven up your walls is with black and white minimalistic wall art. Three or four black framed pictures would be perfect. Alternatively you could have some tasteful nature scenes for that Zen experience. 

Here is an idea for you:

Japanese Wall Art Sea Off Satta

Or try this one:

Japanese Painting Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

If you want a really big piece of wall art try here:

Japanese Carp Panoramic Canvas Art Print
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