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Welcome to Art World Blog, a blog about art where we blog about art-related subjects, including recent art news. There are so many wonderful art stories to choose from, but we’ve only been able to include a few of our favourite standout stories from recent art news from around the world here.

1 Recent Art News – How Artists Are Showing Support for The Victims of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

After the horrendous events in the Middle East, this story seems all the brighter and more positive in comparison. Artists are trying to help through Instagram Live Sessions, print sales and in some cases NFTs as well. Often the focus has been on Palestine, but artists have been showing support for the victims on both sides and have been at pains to point out the oppressive treatment of the Palestinians by the Israeli government forces.

You can find out more about this heartwarming and tragic story on Art News at this link:

2 Recent Art News – Banksy in Trouble over Trademark Case

Art News – Banksy Trademark Trouble for ‘Laugh Now But One Day We’ll Be In Charge’ 2002 Spray Painting

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) ruled against Banksy in a trademark case over his 2002 ‘Laugh Now But One Day We’ll Be In Charge’ work. The street artist’s monkey painting has become iconic over the years and one version of the spray paint work was sold recently at Christie’s for over $2 million. The case has all come about from a complaint in 2019 from the company Full Colour Black, which alleged that Banksy’s trademark was “filed in bad faith and that it was non-distinctive.”

You can find out more about this landmark case here:

3 Recent Art News The Android Artist Ai-Da’s Self-Portraits Go on Display

Art News – Robot Artist Ai-Da Paints ‘Selfies,’ and they are on display in the Design Museum London – Photo by Lucy Seal

The Design Museum in London is displaying the self-portraits or ‘selfies,’ of a robot artist named Ai-Da. You can find out more about this fascinating story here:

4 Recent Art News – Saudi Arabia’s Modern Architecture is Under Threat

In a time of rapid redevelopment it seems easier to destroy existing buildings and replace them with new ones. Buildings such as the beautiful Al Rabooa mosque have been demolished to make way for a much larger place of worship. Many Modernist and Post-Modernist 1970s and 80s buildings are in danger of being torn down, hence the forming of Saudi Architecture which is leading the fight to conserve these beautiful buildings. Find out more here:

5 Recent Art News – League OTO 

A creative collective called the League of Their Own (League OTO for short) are trying to use Instagram and Youtube to make art collecting less mystifying for the average person. The goal is to make art collecting inclusive for everyone. We’re all for it! 

You can read this really interesting article on Artsy here:

6 Recent Art News – Asian American Artists in Focus

This Artsy article about Asian American artists who are making a big splash at the moment is also really interesting and worth a look. See it here:

7 Recent Art News – Artsy in Demand Works

As is their 10 in Demand Works on Artsy this week article here:

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