How to Draw A Bullet – Use a Pencil to Produce a Bullet Drawing Step by Step

You’d be amazed how many people want to learn how to draw a bullet, and how often this question is asked. We thought we’d include a short tutorial on how to draw a bullet using a pencil to produce a cool bullet drawing.

Bullets are used all the time in various art contexts from album covers to graphic designs, gaming designs, T-shirt designs, Anime, graphic novels, book covers, and film artworks to name just a few. They are great to draw for beginners especially but depending on the detail included can be done by more advanced artists too. 

We are going to be looking at how to draw a bullet with the point facing to the right, but it’s really up to you which way it faces – just follow our instructions but point it in the opposite direction. You could also adjust the angle of your bullet so that you can see the circular butt at the blunt end if you wish also.

1 How to Draw a Bullet – Step 1

The best place to start drawing a bullet is with the actual body of the bullet which is a long narrow rectangle. Try to make sure that the top and bottom lines of the rectangle are straight and symmetrical, and of equal length. It’s best to use a ruler here. When it comes to drawing the two ends of the rectangle remember that they are slightly curved because a bullet is basically a cylindrical shape with a point at one end.

2 How to Draw a Bullet – Step 2 

Now it’s time to add the shoulders of the bullet which are in the form of a trapezium shape.

3 How to Draw a Bullet – Step 3 

The next thing to do is to draw the neck of the bullet. Your drawing will now look a little like a flask or canister lying on its side.

4 How to Draw a Bullet – Step 4  

 Now you want to go ahead and add the head of the bullet which is shaped like a tall triangle which is slightly curved (rather than completely pointy) at the top. Note that your drawing will now look something like a marker on its side or a lipstick holder with the lipstick exposed.

5 How to Draw a Bullet – Step 5

Now you can start to work on the other end of the bullet at the rim or butt. This consists of three thin slightly curved rectangles in a row. The first rectangle fits in with the top and the bottom lines of your very first rectangle (the main body of the bullet) and then the second rectangle extends a little upward beyond the lines of the main body of the bullet to stick out a little. 

6 How to Draw a Bullet – Step 6 

Now the magic happens. Use the side of your pencil to shade in the bottom of the main body of the bullet so that it has a shadow which is not as a thick and dark as the bolder outlines of the bullet. Now do the same thing for the shoulders, neck and finally the head of the bullet so there is a line of shadow across the whole bottom of the bullet.

7 How to Draw a Bullet – Step 7 

If you would like a lighter shade along the top of the bullet. Try to imagine where the light might fall on the top of the bullet to make it as realistic as possible. This line will be lighter again than the bottom which will be in a deeper shadow.

You can now take the opportunity to rub out any lines that you don’t need with an eraser.


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