Deep Doodle – A Powerful Way to Unlock Hidden Creativity?

Deep Doodle – Unlock Your Hidden Creativity

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Deep Doodle – Definition

Deep Doodle – What are the Benefits?

A Deep Doodle Produces Unexpected Results

A Deep Doodle Can Show the Inner Workings of Your Mind

A Deep Doodle Gives You A Sense of the Whole Without Using Words

Deep Doodle – Definition

What is a deep doodle we hear you ask? Well, it is a sketch or drawing that comes from your unconscious mind without your conscious mind interfering. Think of it as what doodles usually are but in an extended way and coming from a deeper place.

A useful comparison is the idea of automatic writing where writers just start scribbling down ideas in a kind of flow state without thinking intentionally about what they are writing. Deep doodling is the artist’s version, allowing for a spontaneous flow of art free of organisation and forethought. Does that sound weird or fun to you? Perhaps both!

We are going to look at the idea of drawing a deep doodle, as well as what certain aspects of your doodle might show about how your own mind is working. As a creative exercise it really can unlock a freedom of expression from your unconscious mind.

Deep Doodle – Example of A Leaf Doodle

Deep Doodle – What are the Benefits?

If you think about your experience in the classroom (whether present or in the fading past!) you probably remember people who were always doodling, and getting told off for it. 

While it may look like such people aren’t listening (and some may not be!) and wasting their time, research suggests doodling may help you focus better, assist with problem solving, bring memories to the surface that aid in giving a sense of better perspective, lead to positive processing, and even relieve stress.

A deep doodle can leave you feeling relaxed and therefore more able to concentrate. 

A Deep Doodle Produces Unexpected Results 

As a creative exercise deep doodling produces unique and interesting results. The doodler looks down and wonders how they have produced such lovely patterns and begins to think about how those patterns could be used more intentionally in their drawing, painting and sketching. At its best deep doodling can bring about fascinating spirals, swirls, and shapes that can quite stunning. Unexpected and awesome designs can be accessed in an indirect way. The unconscious mind is often problem-solving and being creative in ways that the conscious mind can’t always activate.

Deep doodling can work in a similar way to what our minds do when we are asleep – sifting through our deeper desires and wishes and helping us integrate them into our ‘waking’ life. This can help us be aware of what is really important to us – not just constantly paying attention to paying the bills or maintaining a surface routine which may not be helpful for us in the longterm.

A Deep Doodle can Show the Inner Workings of Your Mind

Have you ever been struck by inspiration when you were doing something that you have become really used to and don’t need to think about? Perhaps you have been driving up a familiar road, brushing up, or washing the dishes and you have come up with a really good idea. 

Einstein said he had his best ideas while shaving, but perhaps as artists we could have our best ideas while doodling? It’s probably obvious to most of us that when we doodle luscious lips or attractive portrayals of body forms that we are highlighting latent sexual desires but equally the doodles we engage in could be highlighting forgotten dreams, wishes and desires that we have not yet explored or fulfilled. 

This is the beauty of doodling – we are unconsciously accessing the inner workings of our minds. We need to give ourselves permission to go and create, or at least begin the search to find our next creation. A deep doodle could be our starting point.

This approach could apply to a tattoo we would like to have done, or a tribal, political or social symbol we would like to explore in a painting, pencil sketch or a logo in graphic design. The possibilities are endless.

Deep Doodle With a Floral Theme

A Deep Doodle Gives You A Sense of the Whole Without Using Words

It’s an old cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words, but there is a certain truth to it. A deep doodle allows you to experience a sense of the whole story without having to use any words. This is always a useful thing for artists to do – to convey or suggest something without having to use the limitation of words. There are some things that are so profound that putting them into words is actually detrimental. The sense of the mystical whole, the mystery of life, even of love itself is sometimes cheapened by using words. Use your deep doodle access this wordless place to suggest a language beyond words, and beyond art itself.

A Deep Doodle Can Become A Painting

The only question left to ask is ‘When will you begin your next deep doodle?’

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