Moon Drawing | How to Draw the Moon in 5 Easy Steps

Welcome to our Moon Drawing Easy Tutorial! Today we are going to learn how to draw the moon in 5 easy steps. Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about our new blogposts!

The moon has fascinated us humans for centuries, and many myths, art, literature, and music have been created around it. People have even worshipped the moon! It has even been suggested that it is made of cheese. Who came up with that idea?! They must have been wired to the moon themselves.

It’s a really great drawing exercise which is easy and fun. We’ll take you through it step by step with pictures and a time lapse video at the end. 

Table of Contents

Moon Drawing Easy Step 1 Draw a Circle in the Middle of the Page

Moon Drawing Easy Step 2 Draw a Cloud at the Bottom of your Moon

Moon Drawing Easy Step 3 Fill in the Details Inside the Moon

Moon Drawing Easy Step 4 Shade in Your Crater Shapes

Moon Drawing Easy Step 5 Add in Some Details to the Night Sky

Moon Drawing Step 1 Draw a Circle in the Middle of the Page

We are actually going to draw a full moon to keep things straightforward.

It could be quite difficult to draw a circle freehand so use a compass if you have one. Alternatively you could draw round your favourite mug, glass or even a circular baking cutter. It’s surprising how many circular items you can find around the house!

Moon Drawing Step 1

Moon Drawing Step 2 Draw a Cloud at the Bottom of your Moon

We are going to have our moon nestled in a cloud so draw the shape of the cloud as shown in the picture. You can make your cloud look more realistic by joining together a number of small semi-circles to make a fluffy outline. It’s best to make each little semi-circle a different size as clouds are rarely symmetrical and can seem quite random.

Moon Drawing Step 2

Moon Drawing Step 3 Fill in the Details Inside the Moon

Now we are going to add more detail to the inside of the moon. If it is a really clear night you can actually see some interesting crater shapes inside the moon, and this is the effect we are going to create. 

Draw in some random different shapes inside the moon, like the picture shows.

Moon Drawing Step 3

Moon Drawing Step 4 Shade in Your Crater Shapes

If you want to keep this pencil sketch just lean in more heavily for this to make your craters seem like shadows on the moon. If you want to colour in your moon drawing then just make sure you use a darker colour such as dark grey or black.

Moon Drawing Step 4

Moon Drawing Step 5 Add in Some Details to the Night Sky

This is where you can get creative and add your own touches. You add in some squiggly lines to show other clouds being blown about by wind, as well as add in a twinkling star or two. 

Finally you can colour in or shade in your moon drawing to add the final touches!

Moon Drawing Step 5

Now you know how to create a full moon drawing! 

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