10 Unique Christmas Gifts For Creatives 2021

You often have to get really creative yourself to think of unique gifts for creatives. Here are 10 of our most unique Christmas gifts for creative people to save you some time and effort.

Unique Christmas Gifts No. 1 Buy Them an Experience

Creative people often enjoy the ‘idea,’ of something or an ‘imaginative experience,’ more so than how expensive a gift is. Why not give them an experience of something they will never forget? This could be as hands on as a Pottery Course for a day, or a painting workshop, or even a Cooking Masterclass.

It could also be something that allows them to see the world in a different way, such as a boat trip or a unique experience in their own town that they have never had before. A guided walking tour can lead to discovering and appreciating all that you have on your own doorstep. It need not be particularly expensive either!

Unique Christmas Gifts No.2 3D Printers

If you’re buying for close family or a best friend, you could consider a 3D Printer. You can print out all manner of designs and shapes customising everything from signs to superhero models or dogs in your own way. You can paint them and even sell your items if you wish. The possibilities are endless.

It’s an incredibly unique Christmas gift which can keep the recipient amused for a long time to come. You don’t even need to design your own templates (which takes a bit of skill) you can get fantastic templates cheaply off sellers on Fiverr, or use free templates.

Check out these affordable 3D Printers here:

Unique Christmas Gifts No.3 Custom LED Neon Sign

This unique gift could work for a teenager’s bedroom or an outdoor bar, or garage/back garden. You customise with a Name, an Event, or even just a symbol that means something important to the person receiving the gift.

This Custom Neon sign is particularly good:

If you are looking one that is less expensive have a look at this one as well:

Unique Christmas Gifts No.4 A Bluetooth Beanie

This gift is perfect for anyone who enjoys listening to music outdoors or wants to go hands free while talking on their phone and moving around. It’s perfect for colder weather, for skiing, running, or any outdoor sport.

You don’t have to worry about it getting dirty either as it’s washable. Just make sure you take the headphones out first! It’s very affordable too! Check it out here:

Unique Christmas Gifts No.5 A Bartender Kitbag

This is a really interesting and unique gift that will suit creative cocktail makers who like the outdoors and crafting on the go.

Included in this kit is a Travel Cocktail Shaker Set and portable barware set. It comes with a very handy shoulder strap so it’s easy to carry. Perfect for Camping, Picnics and Outdoor Parties.

Unique Christmas Gifts No.6 American Smoker BBQ

You just can’t beat an American smoker. The Deep South has so much offer when it comes to barbecuing, in fact much of the culture is based around it.

Once you add flavoured wood chips and slow cook your meat you have just reached a whole new level of taste. While it may not initially seem very Christmassy people in the Deep South barbecue turkey all year, and a sweet slow cooked turkey is a proper Christmas Day feast.

Besides the best Christmas presents are the ones that evergreen and can potentially be used on any day of the year. Make sure you get the wood chips to add to your coals – we fully recommend hickory smoked chips but apple or cherry wood chips are amazing too.

Check out these little beauties here:

Or you could buy the less expensive add on to your BBQ here:

Unique Christmas Gifts No.7 Gazebo

This is another useful, unique all year round Christmas gift. It’s become a crucial addition to many homes due to the global pandemic but a Gazebo allows for outdoor creative cooking all year round, no matter the weather.

Put your BBQ or pizza oven under here and you can pretend it’s summer (even on Christmas Day) in a relaxed and sheltered setting.

Have a look at this unique Christmas gift here:

Unique Christmas Gifts No.8 Industrial Lights (For Your Gazebo or Not)

These lovely industrial steampunk lights will definitely create a Christmassy vibe but they will set the tone all year long. There also very affordable and decent for the price.

Check them out here:

Unique Christmas Gifts No.9 Projector

This is a fantastic one for film fans and wonderfully portable, meaning you can project onto a wall outside at night time as well as an indoor wall. You could even set up your own Drive in Movie Theatre!

Feel free to look here to see this fantastic offer:

The cheaper version with more limited functionality is available here:

Unique Christmas Gifts No.10 All in One Music System

Imagine being able to play records, cassettes, CDs and Bluetooth streaming services on one system. Use those cassettes you haven’t heard for years, not mention the old records you’ve been dying to play but just weren’t able to.

You don’t need to imagine anymore because you can buy an All in One Music System – the beautifully presented Victrola.

Or the less expensive but still aesthetically appealing version here:

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