Legendary Marketer Review – Legit or Scam?

We recently tried Legendary Marketer’s 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenger. It costs $7 and provides you many training videos, resources and an account manager. This gave us an insider’s view into the company allowing us to answer the question, ‘Legendary Marketer – Legit or Scam?’ However it is just our perspective, and like everything you need to find out for yourself.


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What is a Scam?
How Legit is the Company Legendary Marketer?
What are the Basic Ideas Behind Legendary Marketer?
What are the Main Learning Points from Legendary Marketer?
Is it Value for Money?

Legendary Marketer Review – What is a Scam?

Now and again you definitely do hear or read about someone suggesting Legendary Marketer is a scam.

A scam is defined as ‘a dishonest scheme or fraud,’ and the word gets used a lot these days about companies and individuals on Internet in particular. Often unfairly.

A member of our team once watched a well known YouTuber who said you could use your Pinterest account to message other people on Pinterest directly to promote your affiliate offers to great effect. 10 minutes into trying this ‘brilliant advice,’ Pinterest banned his account.

He never got it back either, and felt he had been fed dishonest information which lead to the loss of a very important and useful means of promoting his business. People might do what he did all the time on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok etc but he didn’t realise you couldn’t do it on Pinterest.

From our point of view this Youtuber blatantly lied to make it seem he knew what he was talking about, and must have known what he was saying was wrong. This is a good example of how ‘well respected’ Youtubers can ‘scam,’ you in big or small ways.

In fact they often knowingly feed their audience outdated or incorrect information which seems reasonable in order to appear knowledgeable. Not to mention keep the advice that actually works to themselves for their own paid courses so they can make money off their audience.

How do you know that this is true? All you have to do is take action on the advice these gurus give and you’ll quickly see it doesn’t actually work.

There are obviously Youtube channels out there that operate with much more authority and integrity thankfully. Yet it isn’t always easy to separate them from the charlatans.

For the purposes of this article it’s very useful to redefine the word ‘scam’ to mean misleading other people, keeping them in the dark, providing half truths (at best) in order to profit from the ignorance of others.

On this basis can we describe CEO Dave Sharpe and his company Legendary Marketer (worth 200 Million) as a scam? Definitely not!

It’s an Online Educational Platform with pros and cons like any other. In this sense it is legit.

Legendary Marketer Review – How Legit is the Company?

Is Legendary Marketer perfect? No.

If you join the Legendary Marketer Facebook Group you will find what Dave Sharpe himself calls the ‘used car salesmen of the Internet.’ They will see you as fresh meat to devour and try to make money off instead of actually help you towards your goals.

You can let Legendary Marketer’s team know if these people are causing you particular problems. Thankfully they are easy to ignore!

Does Legendary Marketer provide you with useful strategies which if you work hard to implement will eventually bring success? Yes.

But it’s up to you to implement them. No-one is going to force you to be successful or hand you the keys to the kingdom. You have to work.

Few of us want to hear that!

The Ideas Behind Legendary Marketer

Here are some of the basic ideas of Legendary Marketer. Consider them carefully and ask yourself if they are legit and coming from a place of integrity.

Dave Sharpe was a high school dropout and drug user who eventually realised his potential and created an online business to help others do the same.

This may sound like another BS rags to riches story but it is hard to argue with as a journey towards some sort of integrity!

1 We believe there are no magic pills. Only hard work, consistency and commitment get you what you want in life and business.
2 We believe creating a new career or additional income stream doing something you feel passionate about is no longer a fantasy, but a reality.
3 We believe inner-peace is a huge part of success; not just the number in your bank account.
4 We believe healthy living and good self-care equals a great lifestyle.
5 We believe other positive people can become family, even if they aren’t blood related.
6 We believe education doesn’t have to be hard – or boring – or confusing – and there is no one way to learn. Learning is a constant evolving process of getting new information and testing it in real life situations.
7 We believe personal growth and awareness is necessary to become financially successful.
What are the Main Learning Points From Legendary Marketer?

In terms of actionable tips one of the best parts of the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge for us was the TikTok strategies.

Working up your own Youtube channel takes months and months of consistent uploading to achieve some measure of success. As does improving the SEO success of your own website in Google.

Of course the longterm effects of Youtube and Google are huge and shouldn’t be ignored. Podcasts are another slow grow but eventually worthwhile option.

Yet TikTok is really blowing up at the moment. Restrictions will probably get tighter and tighter, just like how things went with Facebook and Instagram after a much more lax beginning.

But at the moment if you upload 2-3 videos a day on TikTok which provide value, say for example a video which illustrates a useful side hustle, you have a really decent chance of going viral. If you do this often enough you could go viral for just one of your videos which will mean a ton of followers and potential clickthroughs to your offers.

In fact the plan is to get at least one of your videos to go viral, which is achievable. A number of Legendary Marketer trainees have done exactly that, for example you could check out ‘Make Money with Lori,’ on TikTok for ideas. You can use the best examples of TikTok videos as models and examples but there’s no value in simply copying.

Is it Value for For Money?

At $7 for the 15 Day Online Business Builder it’s hard to argue with. There are so many resources, training videos and personal assistance from an account manager via Zoom.

However it should be noted that Legendary Marketer will approach you with a number of upsells. This is understandable in many ways because no business could possibly survive without them.

However what does the buyer get for their money? Well there is the option of extra coaching, as well as multiple streams of income advice and assistance. There are a good deal of useful and actionable tips here which we might get in trouble for sharing! One on one coaching from experienced digital marketers who have actually achieved the kind of income that you have only dreamed of is hard to argue with!

And the price is reasonable when you consider that the knowledge you will receive is so powerfully actionable that you will make far far more than you ever invested!


Legendary Marketer is by no means perfect but it really can get you started on the road to success. Multiple streams of income are invaluable because you can never be certain which avenue of income is most likely to take off. Every company or individual needs to apply A/B testing to work out which landing page/website will convert best.

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