Photos Transferred to Canvas – How to Use this Process in Your Abstract Art

One of the most interesting and creative forms of contemporary abstract art around at the moment is Photo Transfer Art. This short article considers how you might make use of photos transferred to canvas (or wood) with links to useful videos from two artists who make great use of Photo Transfer Art in their work.Continue reading “Photos Transferred to Canvas – How to Use this Process in Your Abstract Art”

Link Roundup of The Best in Art News This Week

It’s time for our weekly roundup of the best Art-related News from around the Web. What better way to start than with a tribute to our NHS workers? The artist Aliza Nisenbaum has produced a series of portraits for the Tate Liverpool of doctors, nurses, porters and even a hospital chaplain. She based these paintingsContinue reading “Link Roundup of The Best in Art News This Week”

Mark Rothko – Ten Things You Should Know

1 Despite being an intelligent and academically minded person, Mark Rothko had almost no training in drawing or painting. He did spend some time with the Cubist painter Max Weber but other than that his artistic skills were largely instinctive. How’s that for raw talent?  2 He was a part of the first major AmericanContinue reading “Mark Rothko – Ten Things You Should Know”

Emerging Northern Irish Female Artists

Orla Gilkeson Orla Gilkeson lives along the County Down coastline in Northern Ireland and is inspired by the changing nature of the Irish Sea and surrounding landscapes. She produces abstract paintings and creates undeniably unique wall art. Her work is particularly interesting in that she reimagines landscapes and seascapes using textures, brushstrokes and scraping techniquesContinue reading “Emerging Northern Irish Female Artists”

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