What is Abstract Art?

Guest Post by abstract artist Orla Gilkeson What is Abstract Art? Many of us have asked this complicated question. Artists, curators, art collectors consider it regularly. It may be that it is a question we can only really answer for ourselves. What is Abstract Art to me? I wanted to explore this for myself andContinue reading “What is Abstract Art?”

Must Have Items for Artful Home Decor 2021

You may have heard of the recent trend of ‘Japandi,’ a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese design which has been sweeping the Internet for some time now. Both of these styles are minimalistic in approach honouring decluttered spaces, and simple clean lines so as aid a Zen-like existence where everything is balanced. Nothing is excessiveContinue reading “Must Have Items for Artful Home Decor 2021”

Top 5 Arty Scandi Style Items for Hygge Happiness

We’ve all heard of the Danish word Hygge, haven’t we? It’s a word that is heard to translate into English but generally it means happiness, contentment and a sense of being serene and comfortable. Feeling you are right where you should be. We could all do with a little of that right now, especially duringContinue reading “Top 5 Arty Scandi Style Items for Hygge Happiness”

5 Creative Exercises to Help Make You A More Productive Artist

1 Head out for a solitary walk There are so many voices screaming for attention in most of our lives. Sometimes we need to learn to tune them out if we are to be creative and productive. It might seem counterproductive to go out walking instead of working but nothing could be further from theContinue reading “5 Creative Exercises to Help Make You A More Productive Artist”

5 Fun Habits to Release Your Inner Artist

For many of us creative pursuits are a luxury, something to be done on the weekend or at the end of the day when all the ‘important’ things are finished. Unfortunately that means we seldom get around to artistic pursuits because we are too tired and burnt out by the time we get some headspace. Continue reading “5 Fun Habits to Release Your Inner Artist”

SEO Tips for Bloggers 2021

With so much talk of what doesn’t work on Google anymore, how can we plan for search engine optimising going forward in 2021? As bloggers, we need to know how to optimise our content to rank highly in Google as much as ever. Yet so many bloggers don’t pay attention to SEO often due toContinue reading “SEO Tips for Bloggers 2021”

5 Art Prints to Improve your Home Decor

Looking for thoughtful, artful ways to improve your home decor? Here are 5 carefully chosen art prints to start you heading in the right direction. 1 ‘Der Morgenthau Plan’ by Anselm Kiefer Kiefer needs no introduction as he is considered by many to be among the greatest living artists today. This powerfully beautiful painting wasContinue reading “5 Art Prints to Improve your Home Decor”

Bestselling Cameras to Buy Right Now

With so much to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. Let us help you on the road by recommending some digital camera bestsellers that everyone is talking about right now.  1 Kodak Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera This is a low budget but highly popular camera which allows for an instantContinue reading “Bestselling Cameras to Buy Right Now”

Jasper Johns ‘A Story Told in Pictures’

Jasper Johns ‘A Story Told in Pictures’ There may or may not be an idea, and the meaning may just be that the painting exists. Jasper Johns The American artist Jasper Johns is often viewed as one of the greatest living artists – fluent in painting, sculpting and printmaking. That being said, he seems toContinue reading “Jasper Johns ‘A Story Told in Pictures’”

Link Roundup of The Best in Art News This Week

It’s time for our weekly roundup of the best Art-related News from around the Web. What better way to start than with a tribute to our NHS workers? The artist Aliza Nisenbaum has produced a series of portraits for the Tate Liverpool of doctors, nurses, porters and even a hospital chaplain. She based these paintingsContinue reading “Link Roundup of The Best in Art News This Week”