Are you looking for some curveball, out of the box ideas for art products? You have come to the right place. Let’s hit the ground running.

Art Products – Artist Watercolour Paint Set Glitter Solid 24 Colours

This lovely set comes in 24 vivid colours with Artist’s Grade paint. The paint is high quality and absolutely perfect for blending and mixing. It has a pre-mixed iridescent medium which gives a fantastic glittery effect . It’s portable and reusable so you can paint anywhere you like. It comes with a pink portable metal Case and a palette to mix your 24 colours on. It even has 4.7 stars out of 5 from 568 reviews. 

We recommend the Paul Rubens Glitter Paint set. You can find out more on Amazon here:

Art Products – Mahlstick

A lot of people haven’t heard about this really useful artist’s tool, but it is used extensively by artists to keep their hands steady while painting. It is sometimes called a painter’s rest for obvious reasons, and it comes in very handy at various stages of painting.

Have a look at this really attractive 2 piece mahlstick made of wood and leather on Amazon:

Art Products – A Heavy Duty Paint Tube Wringer

Let’s face it, paints can be expensive and you want to squeeze every last bit of value out of them before having to buy another tube. That’s why you need a tube wringer, and a heavy duty one at that. You only need to make that once-off purchase and you’ll be laughing all the way to the paint shop. It might even work for your toothpaste too.

You can buy them here:

Art Products – Pebeo Paints

Pebeo paints really are one of kind oil-based formulas which achieve unique effects. When you mix them with 2+ colours you get a wonderful marbling and honeycomb effect. The can be used on most surfaces such as glass, terracotta, ceramic, canvas, acetate wood or metal. You can even use them to create jewellery! They are also great for abstract paintings in particular to create fantastic textures and colours.

Check out this great Pebeo Prisme Studio Collection paint set on Amazon here:

Art Products – Set of Palette Knives

Most people have heard of palette knives which can of course be used to scrape and shape different kinds of textures through your painting. What isn’t so commonly known though is that different sizes and shapes of palette knife can really produce some amazing effects. Many artists only have one or two, but a 10piece set isn’t greedy it’s necessary for shaping your individual style and really pushing the boat out in terms of your scraping techniques. You could have a look here:

We’ll be back soon with some more helpful advice for artists and creatives. See you then.

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