Ten Things You Should Know About the Old Master Caravaggio

1 His real name was actually Michelangelo Merisi and he was born in September 1571 in Caravaggio, the town which later gave him the name he was known by. 2 Caravaggio had a tragic childhood due to many of his family dying from the Bubonic Plague. His father, his grandfather and grandmother and even hisContinue reading “Ten Things You Should Know About the Old Master Caravaggio”


Are you looking for some curveball, out of the box ideas for art products? You have come to the right place. Let’s hit the ground running. Artist Watercolour Paint Set Glitter Solid 24 Colours This lovely set comes in 24 vivid colours with Artist’s Grade paint. The paint is high quality and absolutely perfect forContinue reading “UNEXPECTED BUT AWESOME ART PRODUCTS YOU MAY NOT HAVE HEARD OF”

Fujifilm X-T30 Camera Review Worth the Money or Not?

No-one could suggest that the Fujifilm XT-30 is inexpensive, but compared to its predecessor the X-T3 (£1,699 with the 18-55mm lens) it is definitely a lot more compatible with the average photographer’s budget. So it’s definitely easier on the pocket than its more expensive relative. Even so, the real question is – is it reallyContinue reading “Fujifilm X-T30 Camera Review Worth the Money or Not?”

The Best Art Supplies to Buy Right Now

Need some great free advice on the best Art Supplies to buy at the moment? We have it for you here, all in one place at Art World Blog. Castle Art Supplies 40 Piece Sketching Pencils and Drawing Set This is one of the bestsellers on Amazon at the moment, and with good reason. ThereContinue reading “The Best Art Supplies to Buy Right Now”

News from the Art World

Weekly Link Round Up News from the Art World  Weekly Link Roundup It’s that time again. More fun and fascinating articles from around the Web about Art and the Art World. Click on the links to read more about the topics. The most expensive artwork ever sold at a German auction house went for €4.3m. A GirlContinue reading “News from the Art World”

Ten Things You Should Know About Mark Rothko

1 Despite being an intelligent and academically minded person, Mark Rothko had almost no training in drawing or painting. He did spend some time with the Cubist painter Max Weber but other than that his artistic skills were largely instinctive. How’s that for raw talent?  2 He was a part of the first major AmericanContinue reading “Ten Things You Should Know About Mark Rothko”

Christmas Gifts For Photographers Beginner to Advanced

Just to help you out a little this Christmas we thought we would give you a few ideas for gifts for the photographers in your life. Some of these suggestions will suit kids or beginners and some of them will suit the more serious photographer or engaged amateur. 1 The Best Camera Accessories For your Phone Continue reading “Christmas Gifts For Photographers Beginner to Advanced”

Emerging Northern Irish Female Artists

Orla Gilkeson Orla Gilkeson lives along the County Down coastline in Northern Ireland and is inspired by the changing nature of the Irish Sea and surrounding landscapes. She produces abstract paintings and creates undeniably unique wall art. Her work is particularly interesting in that she reimagines landscapes and seascapes using textures, brushstrokes and scraping techniquesContinue reading “Emerging Northern Irish Female Artists”

What to Buy Creative Kids for Christmas

“All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” Pablo Picasso Got creative kids? More often than not that means having to be pretty creative yourself to choose the right gifts this Christmas. Fortunately help is on hand to get you moving in the right festive direction. 1Continue reading “What to Buy Creative Kids for Christmas”

Featured Artist Blog Post – Gerhard Richter and The Blurring of Certainty

The Dresden-born artist Gerhard Richter is undeniably one of the most important painters of the 20th and 21st Century. He is particularly famous for his overpainted photographs, in which he uses the photograph as canvas. Yet he has also shown himself fluent in a variety of mediums including watercolours and oils. Further still he has produced theContinue reading “Featured Artist Blog Post – Gerhard Richter and The Blurring of Certainty”