Aesthetic Drawings Easy Ideas To Start You Off

Aesthetic Drawings Easy Ideas to Start You Off – Man with Muscled Arms Drawn Behind Him

Welcome to our ever popular Aesthetic Drawings Easy Tutorial! Please explore and enjoy these aesthetic sketches and try them for yourself.

Table of Contents

1 Aesthetic Drawings Easy Ideas to Start With – An Open Book 

2 An Arrangement of Eggs On a Table Or in a Bowl

3 Pieces of a Chess Board

4 Black and White Sketch of a UFO

5 Aesthetic Drawing Idea – Various Fruits

6 A Piece of Furniture

7 A Coffee Mug 

8 Mountains

9 Aesthetic Easy Tree Drawings

10 Birds

11 Flowers

12 Aesthetic Drawings of Moon Shapes

13 Candles 

14 A Quirky Aesthetic Drawing Idea – A Hot Air Balloon

We have thoroughly researched, explored and gathered some of the best aesthetic drawings easy ideas we can find to provide a comprehensive list of the best ideas for drawing when you are just starting out.

There is no particular order of which ones are best just plenty of easy ideas for aesthetic drawings. It might also be worth writing a caption underneath your drawing for extra effect, such as ‘journey,’ ‘wanderlust,’ ‘all who wander are not lost,’ or ‘stairway to heaven.’ You choose.

1 Aesthetic Drawings Easy Idea – An Open Book 

For the best results see if you can find one that is quite old and interesting-looking. Open it up at a page that suits you, arrange it so that it sits at a really attention-grabbing angle and draw away.

 2 Easy Aesthetic Drawings – An Arrangement of Eggs On a Table Or in a Bowl

Try and find eggs that vary in tone and colour. If you can find duck eggs for contrast (they are usually a brilliant blue) that will really add to your drawing. Try to use coloured pencils or even watercolour brush pens to capture the different tones of the shells.

3 Aesthetic Things to Draw – Pieces of a Chess Board

These could be done in charcoal or as a pencil sketch to produce a really interesting black and white contrast. You could include part of the board underneath as an extra touch. A great black and white aesthetic drawing.

4 Black and White Sketch of a UFO

It’s always good for beginners to try cartoonish drawings which are fun but great practice for symmetry and dimensions. Have fun with this one in particular! This would be the most simple of the easy aesthetic drawings mentioned in this post.

5 Aesthetic Drawing Idea – Various Fruits

This is a classic and maybe obvious drawing idea but it is still simple and effective. From oranges to pineapples or mangos, all the various types of fruits are great to draw from different angles and in different lighting.

6 A Piece of Furniture

You might want to think about a piece of antique furniture here, or at least furniture that has character of some sort. 

A favourite armchair is perfect but a bookcase, sofa, or cabinet could do just as well.

7 Easy Drawing Ideas – A Coffee Mug 

This is another great and simple drawing idea – your favourite coffee mug. Since it’s something you use everyday the drawing will have a feeling of familiarity and comfort. 

It’s also fun and a little challenging as well.

8 Mountains

Few things capture a sense of awe and grandeur like mountains.

They also happen to be a fantastic subject for drawing or painting. You might even like to draw or paint on a mountain hike and get some exercise with this one!

You might also like to try our How to Draw Mountains Tutorial.

9 Trees

Another good opportunity to get out into nature with this one. 

There are so many different types of tree to try and capture, and depending on the season and light there are so many variations to keep you busy drawing.

Again we have a How to Draw Trees Easy Tutorial you might like to try. 

10 Aesthetic Drawing Idea – Birds

Birds are the ultimate symbol of freedom, especially in flight.

With so many species to choose from you could spend a lifetime trying to get good at drawing birds.

You might like to try drawing the ones in your local area first.

11 Flowers

Flowers are another good subject to draw and they are more challenging than they might first appear.

When you look at a flower (such as a rose or sunflower) up close there are so many details to capture.

If you would like to try out this idea have a look at the links below.

Sunflower Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw a Rose Tutorial

12 Candles

Candles are a beautiful thing to capture in an aesthetic drawing as they are symbols of spirituality, light and warmth.

Trying to draw the shadows and flickers is challenging and fun as well.

13 An Aesthetic Drawing of the Moon

The moon is a constant presence in all of our lives and has so many phases and variations.

It can be dark and foreboding, mysterious or comforting depending on the weather and season.

Try our Easy Moon Drawing Tutorial on for size if you like.

14 A Quirky Aesthetic Drawing Idea – A Hot Air Balloon

There’s something a little vintage, colourful and even cartoonish about Hot Air Balloon drawings.

15 Angel Wings Drawing

This is a great thing to draw for detail, practice but also it’s fairly easy to do. Check out the video below for more.

It’s also one of the most fun and interesting things to draw.

Why not have a go at drawing one today?

Aesthetic Drawing of a Rose

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